Find healthier and more sustainable food

AI powered software that enables users to easily get information on food products and suggests healthier and more sustainable alternatives.


Quality features

3 ways to get data on food products

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1. Search our website

Search for your product on our website by name, ID, type of food or other features
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2. Use our Chrome extension

When shopping online, simply click our Chrome extension to get more details on food, as well as healthier and more sustainable options before buying
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3. Scan barcode

When shopping in a supermarket, use our app to scan the barcode of any food product to get more details as well as healthier and more sustainable options

Our features

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Blazing Fast

Find healthier and more sustainable food products in seconds
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Easily Accessible

Access our software on your mobile device, computer or other device
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Huge Library

We have thousands of food products from the largest food companies
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Change your settings for personalised recommendations
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Rapidly improving

We are constantly updating our software and improving
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Customer Support

Have any issues or questions? Contact us at

Affordable Pricing

Our Pricing Options


User Edition

  • Completely free
  • Find summarised health and sustainability data on any food product
  • Instantly find healthier and more sustainable options
  • Accessible via our mobile app, website or Chrome extension
  • Choose health, sustainability and price preferences

Enterprise Plan

  • Access to all our data (through our API)
  • Usage of our AI powered food category sorting system
  • Access to our innovative recommendation technology
  • Implement Nutree technology directly into your product or website

Get your question answered

Frequently asked questions

How do I use Nutree?
Either install our Chrome extension, download our mobile app or browse our website database.
How does the Chrome extension work?
While shopping online, simply tap our Chrome extension. It will automatically display our health and location ratings as well as suggesting alternatives with the best ratings on the website! You can also prioritise healthiness, price or sustainability in the settings!
How does the mobile app work?
Currently our app is still under development - when released, simply scan the barcode of a food product in a shop. If the product is contained in our database, it will instantly show you the health and location ratings as well as suggesting alternatives with the best ratings.
How do I find food products on the website?
Search the name, ID or food category of the product you want, and our website will suggest healthy and sustainable options.
How do I make an account?
Install the Nutree Chrome extension. Then simply open it and create your account!
What if my food product is not in your database?
We have thousands of food products in our database, although we are constantly adding new ones. If we have no data on your product, you can email and request for it to be added. We frequently check our inbox and will add it as soon as possible.