Terms & Conditions

  1. Nutree

1.1. We are Nutree, a branch of Young Enterprise. Some important information about our company can be found at the end of the document.

  1. A few definitions

2.1. The following definitions will be used throughout this document:

i) ‘App’ - the upcoming Nutree mobile application and the services supplied by it

ii) ‘Website’ - the official Nutree website (address https://www.nutree.tech/)

iii) ‘Extension’ - the Nutree browser extension and any related services

iv) ‘Store’ - the distributor(s) from which you download the App or Extension

v) ‘Store Rules’ – any applicable rules, policies or terms of the relevant Store

vi) ‘Service’ or ‘Services’ - the Nutree App, Extension and Website, including the services provided by them

vii) ‘User’ - persons, groups or organisations using the Service (whether or not registered with us)

viii) ‘We’ or ‘Us’ - Nutree, a branch of Young Enterprise

ix) ‘Terms’ or ‘Terms and conditions’ - the agreement and all terms of the agreement formed by this document

x) ‘Enterprise Plan’ or ‘Plan’ - any separate agreement we form with you which gives you direct commercial access to our database

  1. Terms and conditions - introduction

3.1. These terms and conditions apply to all our Services. They are only available in English. Please read them carefully.

3.2. By agreeing to these terms and conditions and/or using any of our services you form an end-user licence agreement (EULA) between you, the user, and us in relation to your access to and use of the Service.

3.3 By downloading our App or Extension, you enter a legally binding contract with us.

3.4. By downloading our App or Extension from any Store, you also agree to be bound by the Store Rules.

3.5. All headings in this agreement are for informational purposes and are not binding terms.

3.6. Any failure by either party to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this agreement does not waive their right to enforce it later.

3.7. If any part of this agreement is unenforceable or invalid for any reason (legal or otherwise), all unaffected parts of the agreement shall continue to apply.

3.8. Any person or group who is not a party to this agreement shall have no rights to enforce this agreement except as expressly stated otherwise.

  1. Changes to the terms and conditions

4.1. We may change these terms and conditions at any time after giving you notice through email or similar electronic means of communication, or by posting the revised terms on our website.

4.2. If you continue to use the Service on or after the date given in the notice sent to you by us, you agree to be bound by the revised terms.

  1. Your right to use the Service

5.1. We grant you a limited personal non-transferable right to use our Service on any device owned or controlled by you that can access it subject to these terms and conditions and in accordance with the Store Rules.

  1. Consumer right to cancel (European Economic Area only)

6.1. If you count as a consumer residing in the European Economic Area, you have the right to cancel this contract subject to the following conditions.

6.2. You lose your right to cancel contracts for the supply of already completed/performed services.

6.3. You will also lose the right to cancel where the supply of digital content began before the end of the cancellation period with your specific agreement and you acknowledged that your right to cancel would be lost in such a case.

  1. Service use restrictions

7.1. You must not attempt to register for or use the Service, or download any related applications, if you are under 18 years of age.

7.2. You agree not to do any of the following in connection with the Service:

  1. breach of any relevant law, regulation or code of conduct;
  2. use the Service with the intention to provide a similar service to third parties or otherwise in an attempt to compete with us;
  3. do anything which may have the effect of disrupting the Service including denial of service attacks, worms, viruses, software bombs or mass mailings;
  4. gain unauthorised access to any part of the Service or equipment used to provide the Service;
  5. use any automated means to interact with our systems excluding public search engines; or
  6. attempt, encourage or assist in the undertaking of any of the above.

7.3. You agree to:

  1. comply with any rules or requirements of the Service while using it;
  2. comply with any reasonable request or instruction by us relevant to the Service; and
  3. ensure that any contact details or other information which you supply to us, such as that required to register an account (if such a feature is created), is accurate and not misleading and you will update it so that it remains so.

7.4. You must not attempt to register for or use the Service, or download any related applications, if you are unable to form an agreement with us for any reason, legal or otherwise.

    8. Information about Content on our service (important)

8.1. The Service and the content made available on it are solely designed for informational purposes. The Service is intended to make information about food products made available on online grocery websites comprehensible and accessible. The Service makes it possible to compare various food products, based upon rating and ranking methods developed by us. These methods rely to a large extent on publicly available and accepted guidance, such as, for example, the Nutri-Score food classification system. We are not a food business operator, so for all information not found on our Service please consult the information directly available on food products' packages in supermarkets and stores or on online grocery websites.

8.2. We are unable to guarantee that information provided by our service is entirely accurate, complete, or up-to-date, and you rely on this information at your own risk. While we regularly update our content using information from online grocery websites, inaccuracies and mistakes may occur.

8.3. We do not provide any formal medical or health advice through the Service. The Service is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical or nutritional advice and we make no promise that any food products, dishes, recipes or diets available on the Service are suitable for you in relation to allergies, intolerances, ethical or religious beliefs or otherwise. Please consult your doctor if you have or think you may have a medical condition. Please consult with a nutritionist before adopting any diet or meal plan for health problems or dietary restrictions.

8.4. Our service can be used to generate recommendations for alternative products to any product of your choosing that it supports.

8.4.1. All recommendations generated via our Service will be based on our rating and ranking methodologies, which are based on objective data. All suggestions are independent of any influence by food companies, suppliers or producers.

8.4.2. While a large number of alternative products may satisfy your preferences, we reserve the right to display a limited number of recommendations. Some recommendations may not accurately reflect the original product due to the layout of, and limited information provided by, the online grocery stores from which we source our data.

8.4.3. While we try to ensure that our Service delivers suitable suggestions, manifest errors are possible and some suggestions may not accurately reflect your preferences in terms of food types, allergens, intolerances, nutritional composition or otherwise. We will appreciate it if you notify us by email on our Contact email address below of any piece of information or suggestion which you regard as wrong or inaccurate. This will help us improve our Service.

8.5. We, and our Service, are currently independent from all food companies, producers, suppliers and retailers.

   9. Third-party advertising and services

9.1. We may display third-party services, advertising and/or links to websites through our service, when this is permitted by the Store Rules. We do not recommend or endorse, nor are we legally responsible for, any of these. You use them at your own risk.

9.2. When you place a food order with an online grocery website, your order is a contract with the online grocery website, not with us. Before you place your order, it is your responsibility to check their terms and conditions and their privacy policies for relevant details.

    10. English law

10.1. This contract is under English law and any disputes will be decided only by the courts of the United Kingdom. If you are a Consumer, you will benefit from any mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which you are resident. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your rights as a consumer to rely on such mandatory provisions of local law.

    11. Functionality of the Service

11.1. We do not guarantee that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free at all times. We retain the right, without notice and without liability, to:

  1. suspend or limit use of the Service for repair, maintenance, improvement or any other technical reason and
  2. make changes to the Service at any time

   12. Maintenance and support

12.1. We do not supply any extra support to Users except to the extent stated on our Service. You acknowledge that the Store has no obligation to provide any support or maintenance in relation to the Extension or App.

   13. Service compatibility

13.1. Currently, the service is only available through our Website or our Extension, which is compatible with the Google Chrome web browser and can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. We do not claim that the Service is available through other browsers or applications.

   14. Ending or suspending this contract

14.1. We reserve the right to, at any time/without prior notice end this contract if:

  1. we have good reason to believe you have breached any part of this agreement;
  2. any subscription fees or other fees you owe to us are unpaid;
  3. we are required to by English law or
  4. we believe that it is necessary to protect us or others.

14.2. This contract no longer applies to any paid subscription services you may have used if your subscription expires without renewal, effective immediately.

14.3. We are entitled at any time to end this contract without giving reasons by email notice.

14.4. If we end the contract for reasons other than the expiration of a subscription or the termination of the Service, we will partially refund payments for subscription services still in effect when the contract is terminated. The amount refunded will be directly proportional to the amount of time remaining in the subscription period and the original amount paid.

14.5. We are entitled at any time to end this contract by email notice without refund if we terminate our Service as a whole.

14.6. You may end this contract at any time by uninstalling all versions of the Extension or App from all of your devices that use it.

14.7. If either you or we terminate this contract:

  1. Your right to use our Service is immediately terminated.
  2. You must not attempt to continue to use our Service if we have given you notice of termination.
  3. All clauses in this contract which are stated or intended to continue after termination will continue to apply.
  4. Existing rights and liabilities will remain unaffected.

    15. Privacy

15.1. You understand and agree that we may process some of your personal data, such as email addresses and passwords, as set out in our Privacy Policy.

   16. Liability and legal responsibilities

16.1. If you are a Consumer, we are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by us under any of the following circumstances:

  1. there is no breach of a legal duty owed to you by us;
  2. these losses or damages were not reasonably foreseeable (not an obvious consequence of any actions involving us or not previously contemplated by you or us upon entering into this contract) or
  3. such loss or damage is caused directly by you or any company, group or organisation associated with you.

16.2. Nothing in this agreement in any way limits or negates our liability for any negligence causing death or personal injury or for fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation or anything else not legally excluded or limited.

16.3. If you are a Consumer, you will be legally responsible and liable for any reasonably foreseeable loss or damage we suffer arising from your breach of this agreement or misuse of our Service (subject to our obligation to mitigate any losses).

16.4. This section applies to you only if you are not a Consumer.

        16.4.1. If you are currently a subscriber to our subscription service, or have previously done so, our total aggregate liability is limited to the total of all fees paid by you to us in relation to the service.

        16.4.2. We will in no event (including any involving our own negligence) be liable for:

  1. economic losses (including, without limit, loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings);
  2. loss of goodwill or reputation;
  3. damage to or loss of data (even if we have been advised of the possibility of such losses) or
  4. any indirect losses.

        16.4.3. You indemnify us against all claims and liabilities directly or indirectly related to your use of the Service and/or breach of this agreement.

16.4.4. To the extent allowed by English law, you and we exclude all possible terms, whether imposed by statute or by law or otherwise, that are not explicitly stated in this agreement.

16.4.5. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us with respect to its subject matter and supercedes any previous communications or agreements between us. We both acknowledge that there have been no misrepresentations and that neither of us has relied on any pre-contractual statements. Liability for misrepresentation, excluding any misrepresentation legally deemed fraudulent, relating to the terms of this agreement is excluded.

16.5. As stated earlier in the agreement, most of our information is sourced from third parties and we do not guarantee that all information is complete, accurate and up-to-date.

    17. Concerning events beyond our control

17.1. We are not liable for failure to perform or delay in performing any obligation under this agreement if the failure or delay is caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control including any failures caused by third parties.

    18. Complaints

18.1. Any complaints or concerns can be submitted using the contact details and email address shown below.

    19. Our intellectual property and data

19.1. Our name, logo and any content displayed on our website (excluding the raw data provided by online grocery suppliers and websites) are the intellectual property of Nutree, and are subject to any relevant legal protections afforded to them automatically. Other forms of intellectual property protection such as copyright and trademark may apply to some content.

19.2. This section only applies to you if you have formed an Enterprise Plan agreement with us (or any similar agreement giving you temporary or permanent commercial access to our data).

        19.2.1. Our agreement with you to grant you commercial access to our data is specific to you. We do not claim or guarantee that it is identical or similar (in terms of level or duration of access, cost or other applicable factors) to agreements with other parties for the same or similar provisions.

        19.2.2. Your access to our data, including the duration of access, the conditions of access and any associated payments or costs, will be governed by, and is subject to the limitations of, the terms and conditions of your Plan, which will be effective from the moment you gain access to our data. The conditions of the termination of the Plan will also be set out in that agreement.

        19.2.3. Unless stated otherwise in the Plan, all relevant terms of this agreement will still apply to our provision of our data as a separate service (not to be confused with the Service), as well as your use of it.

19.3. Unless you have formed an Enterprise Plan agreement with us, you may not use for commercial purposes any data directly created by us, including:

  1. the health rating of products as displayed on our Service;
  2. the location rating of products, also displayed on our Service and
  3. any recommendations (for similar products to any product supported by our Service) generated by us.

19.4. Unless you have formed an Enterprise Plan agreement with us, your commercial use of any data owned by online grocery suppliers (or any other data displayed on our Service or Website that is not owned by us) is regulated by any applicable rules, policies or terms enforced by the party that owns the data. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for your unauthorised or illicit use of any third-party data.

    20. Information about our company

Company name: Nutree, a branch of Young Enterprise

Trading name: Nutree

Country of incorporation: England and Wales

Registered office and trading address: St Paul’s School, Lonsdale Road, Richmond, London, United Kingdom SW13 9JT

Contact email: contact@nutree.tech